"Where did you lie yesterday"? he said to me(convert to indirect speech)

AHe asked me where I lied the previous day

BHe asked me where I lay the previous day

CHe asked me where I had lied the previous day

DHe asked me where I had lain the previous day


D. He asked me where I had lain the previous day


  • "Lie" (present tense: lie, past tense: lay, past participle: lain) means to recline or rest in a horizontal position.
  • "Lay" (present tense: lay, past tense: laid, past participle: laid) means to put or place something down in a horizontal position.
  • In this sentence, "lain" is the past participle form of "lie," and "had" is used to indicate the past perfect tense.
  • Since the original question uses "lie" in the past tense ("Where did you lie yesterday?"), we need to change it to the past perfect tense in the reported speech.
  • The past perfect tense of "lie" is "lain." So, "lie" becomes "lain" in reported speech, and we add "had" before it to form the past perfect tense

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