The high price surprised him. The word 'high' belongs to which parts of the speech ?

The ____ window was repaired:

Kindly allow me to say …… words.

As he is unemployed,he has .......... money to buy that car.

I have _______ interest in classical music.

Raju could not get ........... Sugar.

They had ...... money to spend.

I’m not very happy about it but I suppose I have ......... choice.

We need _______ water.

We had _______ pints of beer there.

I don’t have _______ friends.

We visited the museum, where we saw ____________ artifacts.

I have _______ faith in him.

She has _______ money.

I can do it with _______ help from my friends.

________________ weather is the norm in San Francisco.

The teacher gives us ............. time to prepare before a test.

Which of the following is the adjective used in the following sentence : The industrious Japan is admired by the World.

"The brand is still relatively new in my country". Find the adjective :

Point out the adjective in the following sentence.

Roger Bacon was an English monk.

The adjective of please is

Supply suitable Adjective.                                                                 

The _______ prize was won by a child.

It is nothing else _____ fatigue.

' See the broken window.' The underlined word is :

complete the sentence using the correct forms of the adjectives.
Sachin is ………player on our team. He never gets anything right.(BAD)