The crop was attacked by a _____ of locusts.

A ________of cattle is passing through the forest

The collective noun for ‘stars’ :

The collective noun for ‘monkeys' ?

A _____ of lions.

A gaggle of _____

The young one of Ape ?

Pack: Wolves: _____ : Books

Collective noun for ‘guns’ :

A _____ of grass.

We were attacked by a _____ of bees.

The _____ of singers singing in church.

My brother has a fine _____ of old coins.

Which is a collective noun?

Choose the correct usage

Identify the collective noun "The boys decided to join the navy after graduation".

Choose the correct option-

Use the collective noun: Fish

A ...... of milk was drunk by Arjun.

Brood : hens :: _______ : birds

What is the term used to describe a group of fish?

_____ of flowers. Pick out the right collective noun

The collective noun for ants is

Skein of _____ .

A ......... of monkeys.

A .......... of bushes.

Which is wrongly used?

A ____ of bamboos.(Use appropriate Collective Noun)

A __________ of guns. Use the correct collective noun.

find out the odd one out