Business has now become very dog eat dog. Choose the meaning for the idiom “Dog eat dog”.

"One should never live beyond one’s means". What does "means" in the sentence mean?

What does the idiom ‘chip off the old block' mean?

"To let the cat out of the bag" എന്നതിന്റെ ശരിയായ അർത്ഥമാണ്.

‘A red rag to a bull’ means :

The idiom ‘lose heart’ means :

Actions speak ____________.

To be "in the red" means :

"Wear one's heart on one's sleeve" means

It’s the early bird that catches the_____.

Complete the proverb:All lay load on a willing _____.

The meaning of the idiom ‘To hit the jackpot’:

‘Crocodile sorrow’ is:

‘To leave no stone unturned’ means ?

My elder brother 'pokes his nose' into all my affairs (Correct meaning of the words italicised)

Use the appropriate word in the idiom ‘He knows which side his bread is……’:

The idiom/phrase that means “A skeptic who needs physical or personal evidence in order to believe something’:

"Cock and bull story" means:

'Getting fired turned out to be a blessing in disguise' means

'Drunk as a lord' means

'A dime a dozen' means

Riya is at .............. since the death of her husband.

Bring out the meaning of the idiom in the following sentence :We shall fight "tooth and nail" for our rights.

His music was derided by an older generation convinced that he was .............

'Hang Together' means

To "run away with" means to .....

She responded to me .....

Use the right Idiom. When I go to a party, I feel like a ____. I don't enjoy it.

Most of the people in India live from hand to mouth. The closest meaning to this idiom is:

The idiom"A cock and bull story" means:

Fill in the blank with correct idiom:      

It's midnight.Time to _________

The idiom "Red letter day" means:

The idiom ' a hot potato' means:

Meaning of the idiom "To show white feather"

A catch 22 situation means

Down to earth means :

Select the meaning of the idiom 'By leaps and bounds'?

The idiom ‘At an arm's length’ means ?

complete the sentence using the appropriate idiom:
Be careful lest you…………