John said “I go out too often” (Change into indirect speech)

He asked whether such a thing was possible. The direct form for this sentence is:

Choose the correct form of indirect speech of the following: He said, “Alas ! I am undone’’

Beggar said to Ramu, "Give some water". The reported form of the above sentence is____________

Kannan said, "I wrote a letter".

The reported speech of : ‘He asked, ‘What is the time?’ is:

‘Thank you’ he said (Change to indirect speech):

Arjun said to Miya "What is your opinion?" Write the reported speech.

The teacher asked the students ...... they had seen the exhibition.

Pick out the reported form of the given sentence: "Don't sit here", he said to the boy.

"Where did you lie yesterday"? he said to me(convert to indirect speech)

The teacher said, "The earth revolves round the sun"(Convert to indirect speech)

'Don't forget your cell phone'. She told me. (change into reported speech)

Change into reported speech. The boy said, " I like sweets".

I said to you, “ He should be trusted.”(Convert to reported speech)

Patient to doctor : "Can I take solid food?" The reported form of the above sentence is:

Change into reported speech. The doctor said to the patient, 'Give up smoking.'

He will say, "I am not well"(Change into indirect speech).

He said, "I will help you".(Change into indirect speech)

Meenu said, "My mother sang well". (Change into indirect speech)

Hari "I was a student of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam":

The indirect form of the sentence "How did you solve this problem? the teacher asked the girl " is :

Raju said "I bring a book." (Change into Indirect speech)

Ammu said to me "I make a kite.""(Change into Indirect speech )

Tom said , " I am waiting for Jerry " . Change into indirect speech.

He said, "I will help you ."

She said, "I shall come."

He said to me , " Will you help me ?"

Raju asked , " Can I help you ?"

I said to Manu , " Don't pluck the flowers ."

The student said, "Let me take food ."

She said to Ram, " Please bring my book ."

Raji said to Arathi ,"Take medicines regularly ."

He said to her, "What a cold day !"

She said to Radhika, "May God bless you with a son ! "

Identify the correct indirect speech: 

The stranger asked me "Where do you live?"

He will say, " I have done this work" . ( Change into Indirect speech)

Manu said to Rani, "How old are you ?" ( Change into Indirect Speech.)

John said to me, " Who threatened Mark last night?" ( Change into Indirect Speech.)

The saint said to the pupils, " Be quiet and listen to me carefully." ( Change into Indirect Speech.)

She said to him, " Where do you sit?"( Change into Indirect Speech.)

He said to me, " Please don't open the door." Change into Indirect Speech.

The boys said, "Alas ! I made a mistake." (Change into Indirect Speech.)