She speaks French very good. (Correct the sentence)

she has _hit the nail on the head_, while speaking to her relatives.( find out the meaning of the underlined idiom)

My Brother works in a large office,____ I work on my own at home

I __________ a lot of friends, while I was working in Bombay.

Choose a sentence that has an error in it.

Choose the correct sentence.

Select the correct sentence:

Which of the following sentences is wrong?

Which sentence is grammatically correct ?

Choose the correct sentence from the following

You'd better ____ in time.

Pick out the correct sentence :

Choose the correct sentence : Most children like ice cream.

(If you would have) resigned the job we would have lost faith in your attitude.Replace the word in bracket from the options given below.

Which part of the following sentence is incorrect ?

The boy broke the vase ______

Ravi said, "Iam very happy now" This sentence can be reported as-

Identify the subject:

The pen is a tool for writing.

Identify the adjective from the following sentence:

Do you still have a bad cold?

Find out the sentence/sentences that is/are grammatically correct.

i) One of my relatives have gone abroad.

ii) You are strictly instructed to write the answers in ink.

iii) He hanged the picture on the wall.

iv) One should respect his parents and elders.

Malappuram is ……..from Thiruvananthapuram than Kanyakumari.