The meaning of the phrasal verb "call off"

Which of the following is OPPOSITE in meaning of the word 'grieve' ?

The correctly spelt word below is:

The man fed the girl. (Change into passive voice)

John said “I go out too often” (Change into indirect speech)

Alice or her brother _____ here every week.

I feel sorry _____ you.

The interview will be held between 10 am _____ 1 pm.

Which among the following is the antonym of 'frivolous'?

I'm not prepared to write the examination, _____?

Never try to rely _____ foolish people.

Business has now become very dog eat dog. Choose the meaning for the idiom “Dog eat dog”.

Tom received rich _____ for his recitation.

Mango is _____ than apple.

Sara is the _____ of the three sisters.

This is _____ unusual matter.

He congratulated me _____ my success in the competitive exam.

“We were enchanted by him “choose the active voice of the sentence :

She speaks French very good. (Correct the sentence)

The high price surprised him. The word 'high' belongs to which parts of the speech ?

I couldn't ____ (tolerate) her behaviour. (Find out the appropriate phrasal verb for the word 'tolerate')

she has _hit the nail on the head_, while speaking to her relatives.( find out the meaning of the underlined idiom)

Either Rajesh or his friends _____ come.

I will meet you _____ the park

Everyone passed the examination , _____?

Antonym of 'Accept' ?

The opposite of borrow ?

Pick out one word which substitute 'Strong unreasonable fear of something'.

Select the word which means the opposite of the word - Boon

The crop was attacked by a _____ of locusts.

A ________of cattle is passing through the forest

Which is the correct word among the following?

My Brother works in a large office,____ I work on my own at home

The prefix 'anti' is used to denote which of the following word?

I __________ a lot of friends, while I was working in Bombay.

The meaning of the term: ‘Nota bene’

Our cat is hopeless _____ catching mice.

Maneesh played tennis yesterday, _____ ?

Pick out the correct expression from the following.

Find out the synonym of the word "peer"

Richard is _____ European by birth ?

One word substitute for ‘a deep or seemingly bottomless space’ is ?

Nobody saw it, _____ ?

Select proper one word substitute for “an impartial person who watches for administrative abuses inside organizations.” ?

"One should never live beyond one’s means". What does "means" in the sentence mean?

He asked whether such a thing was possible. The direct form for this sentence is:

Neither of them _____ given the correct answer.

What does the idiom ‘chip off the old block' mean?

Rano went to the shop to buy a new dress for her as she has _____ her old ones ?

Find out the compound word used in the sentence, “My father wears a necktie when he goes to office”?