Alice or her brother _____ here every week.

Either Rajesh or his friends _____ come.

Neither of them _____ given the correct answer.

Neither he nor his friend _____ arrived.

One of my cousins _____ in America.

One of my sisters _____ married.

One of my puppies ____ out of kennel.

________ the Panchayath President nor the members attended the meeting.

Deepu along with his friends _____ preparing for civil service examination.

In a democracy every one ______ obey the laws of the country.

Twenty minutes ......... all I have to prepare for the meeting.

Ninety-five cents ......... a great bargain for a SIM card.

...... the tweezers in this drawer?

More than one student ...... failed in the exam.

The board .......... to make the decision by next Thursday.

One of my cousins ....... a doctor.

The Three Musketeers ________ written by Dumas.

That news ..... not true.

There ..... no sugar in the bottle

The committee ..... divided on the issue.

Three hours ..... a long time to study.

The majority of the boys _____ been selected for the programme .

Rani as well as her friends ..... won a prize.

A good deal of information ..... been collected.

I _____ my course by that time.

Plants _____ more quickly in summer than in winter.

Speaking and writing _____ two different skills.

Plenty of information about the flora and fauna of India ______ available in this book.

Neither of them ____ invited to the party.

Both the twins ____ attending their graduation ceremony.

Either the parents or the boy ____ in this affair.

Rs.1000 ______ not a small amount for a poor man. Choose the correct option.

Great pains ____ been taken to repair the engine perfectly

One of my friends ____ going to Dubai. Choose the suitable verb.

______ the panchayat president nor the members attend the meeting.

There ________ little water in the cup. Choose the correct answer.

A herd of cattle _________ grazing in the field. Choose the correct answer.