Mango is _____ than apple.

Sara is the _____ of the three sisters.

Antarctica is the _______ place on earth.

Adam is _____ than Jessica.

The yellow car is _____ than the blue car.

This is the _____ watch in the store.

The weather today is _____ than yesterday.

The Kashmir Valley is_______ place on earth.

This years monsoon has been _________ in the last two decades.

Vivek is the ________ of the four brothers

Gifty is _______ than Geetha.

Ajith is _____ than strong.

Nina is _____ than anil.

Shakespeare has written _____ plays.

Burj Khalifa is the _____ building in the world.

Mom is the .......... person in the family.

Gold is ............ of all metals.

February is the ......... month in the year

Fill in the suitable comparative form of the adjective: "Have you heard the _____ news?

I ………………….. take a bath before I go to bed.

My father is 45 years old. My mother is 46 years old. So, My mother is _________ than my father.

An elephant is ______ than a cow.

Girls' hair is usually ________ than the boys' hair.

The comparative form of 'Little' is

He is ................ than this boy.

Munnar is ..... beautiful than Thekkady.

Which is the ..... city in india.

Dheeru Bhai Ambani is ..... than any others in the country.

He is still ill, but ..... better than he was.

It is a very good film. It is the ______ film I have ever seen.

Kerala is the most literate state in India.(Change into positive degree)

Elephant is the ________ animal on land.

Mango is ______ than apple.

Dheeru Bhai Ambani is _______ than any other in the country .

It has been the _____ day in Delhi for 25 years. Choose the correct answer .

What you are doing now is _____ than what you did yesterday.

Write the superlative degree of the word "evil" ?