_______ had I reached the stadium, than the match started.

"Rama and Krishna are brothers". In this sentence 'and' is :

No sooner _____ I closed my eyes than I fell asleep.

He is ……. a hypocrite or a deceiver.

Of the two leading parties _____ party got a majority in the election :

_____ he is the most intelligent student, he is not at all proud.

Kishore is studying hard, but you are ……

He failed ____ his best efforts.

Scarcely had he reached the station _____ the train steamed off .

Arjun doesn't go to job , .......... he is rich.

The train was late. ________ I managed to arrive on time.

He could launch a new era, ........ a few attacks.

America is _____ richest country.

I have never eaten ..... nice mangoes as this.

She looks ..... your sister.

The wall was _____ high that I could not reach its top.

Do you like chocolate _________ vanilla ice cream better?(Use appropriate conjunction)

_________ you ring the bell , they won't open the door

Lily eats _____ string beans _____ broccoli .

We will have to go _____ she comes with us ___not.

Maya knew ______ he needed to hurry up.

I need to call my parents, _____ they won't worry.

It was ____ a hot day ____ nobody could do any work. Choose the suitable conjunction.